Now, that's a cat with a mission!


SCOOP is dedicated to reducing suffering and overpopulation among stray and feral cats through non-lethal methods. 


To encourage, through a spay/neuter program, community involvement that will lessen suffering and reduce overpopulation among cats. In 2013, this program was halted due to changing community needs. Over 1800 stray and feral cats were spayed/neutered through this program. The Sick and Injured Cat (SIC) program was developed to assist the community with the costs of medical care for sick, injured and abused stray and feral cats.

To use education to heighten public awareness of, and compassion for, the millions of suffering homeless cats.

To continue caring for the rescued cats, many with special needs, currently maintained by SCOOP.

To find loving permanent homes for adoptable rescued cats.


All cats will be cared for in loving homes, or in maintained and stable feral colonies.

The current solution of euthanasia will no longer be a method used for controlling cat overpopulation.

Cat overpopulation will be successfully controlled through education of the public combined with low-cost and no-cost spay/neuter programs.