Each kitten/cat is tested for FIV (feline AIDS) and leukemia (FeLV); vaccinated (distemper); spayed/neutered; microchipped; treated for fleas, worms, ear mites, and parasites; receives at least one complete medical examination; and receives any other necessary medical care.  

Adoption Guidelines:

You'll be asked to complete an application. The adult who will be responsible for the kitten/cat will be required to complete SCOOP's application. We do no same day adoptions and the completion of an application, or a visit, does not guarantee adoption. Our goal is to make the best match possible as we take into account the cat's needs and the prospective adopter's situation.

Adopted cats are taken to their new homes by a SCOOP representative.

Our adoption fee is $55.00 for one and $65.00 for two. That fee is returned to the adopter in cat supplies.

There will be telephone and/or email communication within the first weeks with a SCOOP representative to make sure things are proceeding smoothly, to answer questions, and to address any concerns. A home visit will occur within the first month. Those at SCOOP welcome your calls or emails throughout the cat's life and will be happy to help you resolve any issues that may arise.

Adopting a pet is a huge commitment and responsibility. A cat will be completely dependent on you and can live more than 20 years. You'll need to have enough money in your budget to provide litter, toys, food, and regular vet care. Medical emergencies happen and an emergency fee could run $500.00 or more.

Adoption Policies:

1) Cat is kept indoors only. Outdoor cats face many dangers (cars, larger animals, cruel people, poisons, etc.)

2) Adopters sign a contract that they will not declaw. Declawing a kitten/cat requires amputation above the first joint of each digit. Complications such as excessive bleeding and infections can result. It's possible that the cat will have chronic pain and/or sensitivity resulting in behavioral problems such as biting and litter box avoidance. Kittens/cats whose claws are trimmed regularly and are provided appropriate scratching posts will use those instead of your furniture. Those at SCOOP are always glad to talk with potential adopters about alternative ways to deal with cats' natural scratching behaviors.

3) Our goal is to find the cat a lifetime home. However, unforeseen situations do arise. Therefore, if for any reason at all during the cat's life, the cat is no longer wanted, or cannot be cared for, he/she is returned to SCOOP and not given to another person or shelter.

4) Adopters need to have stable living conditions and be independent from parents for at least two years. Adopters need to be willing to take the cat anywhere they move in the future. Cats are not adopted to college students living on campus.

6) SCOOP's cats and kittens are all rescues and are not accustomed to young and energetic children. We do not adopt to homes with children under age five.

Please email us at email@scoopcat.org and we'll be happy to send you an application. Thank you!

Adoptable Cats:

Search for "Cat" under "Animal" to see SCOOP's adoptable cats.
You can review our adoption guidelines at www.scoop.petfinder.com .